Events Calendar 2018


Fri 23rd – Clairvoyant Evening with Christina Green. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)

Fri 9th – Clairvoyant Evening with Deborah Mighall. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)
Sat 17th – Special Evening of “Song and Clairvoyance” with our “Jo and Karen” 7.00pm (£5 incl. refreshments) All money goes towards church improvements. Please come and support, set to be a unique and enjoyable evening. EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER –  RESCHEDULED TBC

Fri 6th – Clairvoyant Evening with Mary Ward. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)
Fri 20th – Clairvoyant Evening with Sue Ogilvie and students. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)

Sat 26th – Clairvoyant evening with Maggie Carrington. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)

Fri 1st – Evening of Clairvoyance with Phil Towler. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)
Sat 2nd – Evening of Clairvoyance with Pauline Mason and students. 7pm (£5 incl. refreshments)
Fri 15th – Clairvoyant Evening with Jean Williams. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)
Sat 23rd – Spiritual Fayre with stalls and Clairvoyant readings, treatments incl. Reiki and many more….From 12.30-4.30pm

Sat 14th (Day) – Cream Tea and a reading with Dawn Evans only £20. From 1pm
Sat 14th (Night) – Clairvoyant Evening with Dawn Evans. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)
Thurs 19th – Clairvoyance Evening with Barbara Almond. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)
Sat 21st – An evening of song with Jo and readings with Karen E Swann. 7pm Donations (greatly received for the church, suggest at least £5 or however much you can afford)
Sat 28th (Day) – Afternoon readings available with Sue Ogilvie. From 1pm
Sat 28th (Night) – Clairvoyant Evening with Sue Ogilvie and student. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)

Fri 3rd – Clairvoyant Evening with Brenda Cottingham. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)

Thurs 13th – Clairvoyant Evening with Matt & Kirsty Grogan. 6.30pm (£5 incl. refreshments)
Fri 21st – AGM Meeting. 7pm
Sat 22nd – Evening of Clairvoyance with Pauline Mason and students. 7.00pm (£5 incl. refreshments)