Development Classes

We welcome all abilities to our circle. It is a chance to meet like-minded people and help develop yourself.

    • Circle is alternate Wednesday
    • 7pm to 8.30pm (£6.00)

2018 Dates:

– Wed 7th Feb
– Wed 21st Feb
– Wed 7th March
– Wed 21st March
– Wed 4th April
– Wed 25th April
– Wed 9th May
– Wed 16th May
– Wed 6th June
– Wed 20th June
– Wed 4th July
– Wed 18th July
– Wed 8th Aug
– Wed 22nd Aug
– Wed 5th Sep
– Wed 19th Sep
– Wed 17th Oct
– Wed 31st Oct
– Wed 7th Nov
– Wed 21st Nov
– Wed 5th Dec
– Wed 12th Dec

Please ring Terry if you would like to find out more 01303 894794.
Private Reading also available by arrangement on 01303 894794.

Trance & Physical Circles (Closed Group) 7.00pm to 8.30pm (£6.00)
(Trance circle is by invitation only but if you are interested please ask. Anyone attending Wednesday circle will be allowed to attend Trance circle).
– Fri 16th Feb
– Fri 23rd March
– Fri 13th April
– Fri 18th May
– Fri 22nd June
– Fri 27th July
– Fri 10th August
– Fri 14th Sept
– Fri 26th Oct
– Fri 23rd Nov
– Fri 14th Dec