Capturing Memorable Moments

Over the last year there have been many events and evenings held at the church. We have introduced regular outings, at the church, this year which we hope will continue. This gives people the opportunity to further develop and understand different aspects of spiritualism. These will be highlighted further on. We have now extended our […]

Where has the time gone?!

Thought the title was rather fitting since it has been a while since our last update!¬†Would like to begin by having a re-cap on all the successful events & evenings had in the past year which was only ever made successful by all your support and help along the way, whether it be from church […]

Summer 2015 News

We are having some superb sunny days this summer and so what better time to have had our Summer Bizarre a couple of weeks ago. Thank you all who helped to make it a successful day. It was a fun packed day & again every donation goes towards keeping our beautiful Church open. We have […]