Capturing Memorable Moments

Over the last year there have been many events and evenings held at the church. We have introduced regular outings, at the church, this year which we hope will continue. This gives people the opportunity to further develop and understand different aspects of spiritualism. These will be highlighted further on.
We have now extended our healing to include Friday afternoons as well as our regular healing on Saturday morning and Sunday evening after service. Alongside these we also offer complimentary therapies; full details are included within this newsletter
We held our Annual General Meeting on October 31st and are delighted to introduce to you: our trustees Averil Parsons, Terry Tasker, Gladys Ottewell, Jean Dixon and our committee members Sarah Young, Mary Whawell, Sheila Thomas, Dean Appleton and Sue Ogilvie.

Fundraising Events
Sheila French, from Ermanstar training, her tutors and students came to the church in May to demonstrate their spiritual gifts. The students offered private readings during the day. In the evening there was a demonstration of clairvoyance by the tutors and students. The day was a real success. These days are a popular and regular event in the church calendar.
In July we held our Fish & Chips psychic supper, again this proved to be a popular event. The feedback from everyone was lovely so thank you for all who came and supported us and for the mediums that worked so hard.
In August we held another very successful Summer Fayre which included a variety of different therapies, goods on sales and readings, of course not forgetting the scrumptious home-made cakes that went perfect with a cup of tea!
We recently had our Harvest Festival, thanks to all those that brought in produce for the auction that was held after service. A special thank you to Roy, our regular auctioneer at this event, for all his hard work.
The Halloween Celebration this year was another Fish and Chip Psychic supper. In response to popular demand our psychic suppers have become a regular feature of the church calendar. Huge thanks to Sheila who cooked the Fish and Chips at the church and to order! Everyone enjoyed the food very much. Thanks also to all who provided the Halloween decorations, everyone who supported us and especially to our mediums. A great evening was had by all.
A special thank you to Linda for running the raffle each week at our divine Service. She works tirelessly at this and provides many of the prizes herself. She has managed to double the amount of money raised from the raffle in the last year. Well done Linda!
Thanks also go to Ann Daws for her continuing support to our funding efforts. Ann offers regular readings and kindly donates the money from these to the church.

All the funds raised this year are towards church improvements. These include new windows and doors, flooring and a disabled toilet. The applications for permission for the doors and windows are currently with Shepway council. This process has been both long and complicated! An application has been submitted to Hythe Town Council for the disabled toilet.

Special Occasions
We would like to introduce our newest and youngest member of the Church Elijah Christopher Young who was born on 4th March, well done to Sarah his proud mum – he has already attended two church services bless him!
Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Grogan aka Kirsty and Matt who tied the knot at our church on 29th April and best wishes for the future.
We wish are very own ‘Golden Girls’ – Gladys Ottewell, Barbara Smith and Doreen Muers – who all celebrated significant birthdays this year – health and happiness for the coming year.

We have been very fortunate this year to have been able to organise trips for everyone, these have all been very successful. We attended the Arthur Findlay College open day in May. This is always a popular event. It offers an opportunity to see a variety of top mediums demonstrating their spiritual gifts. There is also the chance to stroll in and explore the stunning grounds.
The trip to Harry Edwards famous healing sanctuary was a truly inspiring day. It included talks and demonstrations as well as the opportunity to receive healing. There was also a selection of beautiful spiritual gifts on sale. The peaceful energies within the centre and the lovely garden were an experience not to be missed.
A small group from the church were fortunate enough to attend a day at the home of the famous healer Stephen Turoff. Full details of this very special day are detailed in the Featured Article section of the Newsletter.

Forthcoming events
1st December is Christmas late night shopping in Hythe and the church will be open from 2.00pm to offer complimentary therapies, private readings and refreshments; including soup and rolls.
9th December – Christmas Fayre 12.30 pm – 4.00 pm we are offering private readings, complimentary therapies, spiritual gifts, refreshments and home-made cakes.
We are very privileged to have Janet Glasgow and her students with us at this event. The students will be available for private reading in the day and after the fayre we are delighted to host:

An evening of clairvoyance with Janet Glasgow and her students
6.30 pm start – cost £5.00

Complimentary Therapies
In these more modern times the church has considered how best to reach the community and open its doors to new ideas. With these considerations in mind we have recently introduced a range of complimentary therapies alongside the spiritual healing we already offer. The therapies have proved to be successful and popular and has encouraged new people to come to the church. Some have also joined our congregation at Sunday Service. We feel this is a valuable and an important addition to the services offered within our church.
The therapies consist of Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Foot massage and Hopi Ear Candles. Manicures and Pedicures are also available.
We offer taster sessions on Friday from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm. The cost is £5.00 and £6.00 for Hopi Ear Candles. Please note these are now offered by appointment only.
Our therapists are all qualified and copies of their qualifications are available on request.
Grateful thanks are extended to Lynne who kindly donated the treatment couch to the church.
Sheila and Mary

Featured Article
Visit to Stephen Turoff
Our visit to see Stephen Turoff was an amazing day. He first made us all extremely welcome with cups of tea and coffee and his lovely home-made fruit scones. We all listened to him telling us of his life before healing and his love of God from when he was very young. There were lots of photos that various people had taken showing the white light surrounding him and within him when he was healing, which I found amazing. He arranged lunch for us being bread and homemade soup. He showed us around his beautiful gardens including a Zen garden. During the afternoon having carried on discussing healing and gave us various exercises to do i.e. clearing the aura and raising the vibrations before meditation. Time rushed by and we did not want to leave and he felt the same. But we were aware of the rush hour and traffic on a Friday, even so we left later than we expected to! I wrote an email to him, the next morning, thanking him for a wonderful day. He wrote back saying that he too had enjoyed the day and we were all welcome back again.
Our Divine Service is held every Sunday from 6.00 pm
with refreshments and healing available after service.
Grateful thanks go to our ‘musical director’ James who plays the organ at our service, to Doreen who has served our refreshments for many years and to Mary for donating cheese and biscuits for everyone to share after service.
We also offer regular clairvoyant evenings throughout the year with a range of mediums demonstrating their spiritual gifts. Details of these and all other events in the church can be found also on our FB page and website
Posters advertising these and all other events are displayed in our Church window, in Mount Street.
Sue and Sarah

Best wishes from the trustees and committee of Hythe Christian Spiritualist Church.
Come and join us a warm welcome awaits everyone.

Where has the time gone?!

Thought the title was rather fitting since it has been a while since our last update! Would like to begin by having a re-cap on all the successful events & evenings had in the past year which was only ever made successful by all your support and help along the way, whether it be from church members, committee, our president/vice or those that offer a helping hand, big thanks as always!

So we began with the successful evening last November with a curry night that included a reading all for just £15. There was a great turn out, so we thought it’s definitely worth having another but this time with a difference! A Halloween Clairvoyance Special with Kirsty Stead & Matt Grogan, followed by a curry on 4th November, starting 6.30pm all for just £15. We welcome all Halloween “fancy dress” for this spooky evening of evidence, fun and food. A prize at the end for the best dressed, so please “dress to impress” and purchase your tickets ASAP! Our other successful night was the cheese and wine clairvoyant evening, again a great turn out, so watch this space for the next!

On 5th March we had our psychic fayre followed by an evening demonstration of clairvoyance. For this event we helped raise money for our church and the Pilgrims Hospice. Everyone worked really hard and it certainly paid off! It was our most successful day and evening event “Ever” raising a whopping £730! Thank you all that helped, supported and sent in raffle prizes along with our mediums that worked tirelessly throughout the day.
Due to this incredible success we have had two more psychic fayres, one early September and more recently 1st October which again helped raise funds for our church and Macmillan Cancer. Both these days were successful in themselves and much the same as our March fayre “all hands on deck”! To follow the theme of raising money for the Macmillan Cancer we also have a Clairvoyant evening with Sue Ogilvie and Diane Thompson on 22nd October to further help raise funds for the church and Macmillan cancer, please join us and help this great cause.

Another event not to be missed which is fast approaching is our harvest festival on 23rd October. For this to be a success, please can we ask if you could be so kind and bring in any produce, whether it be breads, cakes, tins, wine, Juice, anything we can auction after our service. Monies will go to our local charity for the blind.
We have also had an increase in raffle sales which again is thanks to you, bringing prizes & purchasing tickets, thank you so much, you are really making a difference!

Something else we have noticed is the increase in numbers for healing after our service which is great news, it just goes to show that giving a bit to yourself can sometimes make all the difference to your overall wellbeing. It is also worth noting that our students are well on their way to becoming fully qualified healers, so on behalf of everyone we wish all the best on the day, sure you’ll all do fab! We are always running a healing course at our church so if you are interested, please speak with our course teacher Terry Tasker who will be more than happy to discuss further details with you. Healers giving healing also receive healing since the energy runs through them onto the patient, so everyone’s a winner!
As we all now start to notice the temperature dropping, daylight hours becoming less and less, we all at times can be affected and even be a struggle to keep motivated. To help with this, we thought we would trial our Soup Kitchen which entails a bowl of soup, roll and some healing all for just £3 (donation) from 11-12 every Saturday. We are planning to start this 5th November so please join us and enjoy an hour of time for yourself.

Last but not least…………..

Can you help or know someone who can?
Our Church door is in real need of an update, a re-paint & varnish to be precise! The building also needs re-pointing especially with winter fast approaching. Are you able or know someone that could lend a hand? If so please approach Averil, Terry or any committee members (Sue, Sarah, Sheila & Mary).
We are also in the process of trying to get a grant/find out further details on double glazing windows so we can keep our Church cosy and warm in the winter months, so watch this space!

Video Summer 2015 News

We are having some superb sunny days this summer and so what better time to have had our Summer Bizarre a couple of weeks ago.
Thank you all who helped to make it a successful day. It was a fun packed day & again every donation goes towards keeping our beautiful Church open.
We have had some great evenings/days at our Church already, whether it be healing, developing your Mediumship or watching very gifted mediums
bring through some fantastic evidence. There was though one particular evening that I think you will all agree to be an important one, our…….

50th Anniversary
That evening brought so many of us together past & present, which gave us all an opportunity to hear the stories of how the Church began, what efforts it took to make it happen and how
the Church has affected so many of you on a personal note by sharing all your lovely memories with us. It really was a special evening!
Thank you all to everyone that came, the beautiful Flowers, Cake, nibbles and decorations you all brought along to make it the evening that it was, we truly are so lucky to have
so many special people that are willing to help and give up their time to keep our doors open which we are forever thankful for.
For those that missed the evening or if you would just like to listen back please click the link below.
Just one more thing to add, please like our Facebook page as this also keeps you updated with any changes or news and of course it is another great way of keeping in touch
with our Church’s events/news.

Here is a recording of the event – simply press play to listen:

February News

Welcome to 2015! We are sure you will take us all on another exciting journey with some challenges along the way, but with your trust and faith they can be overcome.

We had some very successful days/evenings in 2014. During the Harvest Festival we managed to raise £50 for the “Hythe Blind Club 40” – a big thanks for your help raising these funds.

We also raised £200 on the Fish & Chips Supper last summer, which was great fun! The funds raised helped towards the running costs and we will be doing another similar evening this year so watch this space!
Thank you also to Terry who fitted double glazing film upstairs to help keep us warm during our Sunday services in these winter months, much appreciated.
Also congratulations to Terry’s students for passing their 2 year Kent International Healing course – well done!
It is also a very special year for our little Church as it will be our 50th Anniversary on 19th April. What better way to celebrate than to have a party after our Sunday service with Terry Tasker. You are all invited so please do join us!

As you may know we do not receive any government funding so your help through your donations and help over the years has been vital to keeping our doors open.

If you would like to find out details about becoming an associate member of the church please ask Averil or Terry who would be happy to discuss with you. For those that still need to pay their membership this year please can you do so as soon as possible.